Audio Engineering Information Resources

Don’t Go to Recording School is a new web site as of May 2017. My goal is to make it the best uncluttered resource for audio engineering on the entire internet. No advertisements and nothing that you don’t absolutely need to know being the main criteria to achieve that goal.

While work is being done on this site to add more and more content there are already a large number of excellent resources dedicated to providing audio production related information. So, while this site continues to expand please peruse the following sites: – I produce the videos on this YouTube channel/web site. Honest and thorough information about audio production on the cheap has been the goal from day one. Videos are curated into playlists which I call the Free Online Recording School.

Spectre Sound Studios – A trustworthy resource for music production info. Plus, Glenn’s videos are hilarious. From smashing a horrible sounding guitar amplifier to the whiny high-pitched voices that are used in his various videos. If there is anybody else that I trust as much as myself it is Glenn Fricker.

Produce Like a Pro – You probably can’t find a friendlier guy to teach audio than Warren Huart. His videos and blogs are jam-packed full of information. He also has the Produce Like a Pro Academy, which will further help people who want to learn and practice the craft of audio engineering.

TapeOp – The only unbiased audio production magazine out there. Believe me, that’s saying a lot!

Gearslutz – You’ll have to take the good with the bad on this site. But if you want to read about the latest in audio technology I can’t think of a better place.

Pensado’s Place – Interviews and advice with famous audio engineers plus a whole lot more. The only downside to Dave’s site/channel is sponsors and rambling. Otherwise it’s a huge wealth of information.

The Recording Revolution – One of the first audio engineering related blogs and YouTube channel. Graham Cochrane provides boat loads full of information both free and premium.

Creative Cow Audio Professionals Forum – Well moderated with solid advice and conversation when it comes to all things audio.

DVXUser Location Sound/Post Audio Board – If you’re into recording for video/film and doing post production mixing/re-recording then this is a good place to talk.

Mix with the Masters – In-person seminars at an awesome studio in France plus a video library full of advice from famous audio engineers.

Groove3 – Their all access pass is the best deal on the internet.

Kenny Gioia – Kenny knows his stuff and has a lot of premium video tutorials to watch.

PureMix – GRAMMY award winning audio engineers teach audio. It comes at a premium price though. Good stuff!

Lynda – Want to learn how to use new software? This web site is perfect.

The Mix Academy – Watch mixes come together from start to finish and then mix your own version with the raw multi-tracks.

Nail the Mix – Another excellent resource that teaches mixing and provides multi-tracks. They also have monthly mix competitions.

There are many more web sites but those should get you started and then some. Remember, the goal of this site is to not inundate you with too much information.

Author: Adam

Adam is a professional photographer, videographer and audio engineer. He started Real Home Recording back in 2011 and in 2017 launched Don't Go to Recording School.