Best Guitar (Instrument) Cables

Probably one of the most controversial topics is cable quality. Some say that there aren’t differences between instrument cables. Others (myself included) say that there is a difference albeit slight in many cases.

The nice thing is that these days I can point to a relatively affordable cable–the George L’s .225–and be done with it. But my favorite guitar cable is still the one that’s talked about in this video.

The silent removal Neutrik plug (silentPLUG) is probably the coolest thing on a guitar cable that I’ve ever seen. You plug the black end into your amp then the red end into your guitar in that order. No more loud pops. No more having to put the amp in standby.

This guy did a shoot out between Mogami and Monster cables. I cannot vouch for the results since I wasn’t the one that conducted the shoot out but it’s an interesting video nonetheless:

This guy swears by Mogami guitar pedal patch cable:

And another pedal video:

One last video talking about Mogami guitar cables:

Can you tell I’m a Mogami fan? I wish I had more than two but hey they ARE expensive!

If you’re good with a soldering iron then you can save yourself some money and make your own! Or just buy some pre-made ProCo cables…they are decent enough and have a limited lifetime warranty.

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