Krotos Audio Weaponiser Review

Here is my review of Krotos Weaponizer –

Script notes are as follows:

Requires iLok

MIDI virtual instrument

24-bit/192 kHz library. Machine guns, sniper rifles, semi automatic rifles, handguns, shotguns and even some scifi weaponry is all included in the Total version. Basic version 1/3 of the guns.

Bullet fly bys, bullet impact, reloading and for some reason drums as well. Actually, I think the reason they include drums is to remind people that Weaponiser can also be used for sound design tasks besides weaponry.

A variety of nice microphones were used at a great variety of distances.

Back in college, we had to design a composite sound effect. This plugin definitely brought me back to that lesson.

Single vs. Burst mode.

File Browser is the best way to navigate the factory library.

Page 9 C:\Program Files\Krotos\ Weaponiser/Factory Assets (spaces and the forward slash before Factory)

Library tab is the default factory. File tab is for your own custom sound files. After selecting a file, click then drag to a bank. Files/folders can also be dragged/dropped from Windows Explorer.

Tag filters are handy.

Search Bar

File Preview, click speaker icon.

Use single shots in burst mode.

Tails from burst or single can be used interchangeably.

The sound design portion of this plugin is broken into four color coordinated main parts. Onset, which is the beginning of the sound. Body, the main part of the sound effect. Thump, the bass layer. Tail is the final part of the sound.

These are what Krotos calls engines. Each can be routed through separate outputs for further mixing.

Custom impulse responses can be loaded in the tail.

Burst cuts off sounds. Different than just clicking the FIRE button manually.

Randomizer control. White circle on the dials. Drag up and down while clicked on the circle. The variation appears in blue.

Pitch, frequency modulation and amplitude synth. Very important when designing sci-fi sound effects.

Rever convolution engine.

Upper right, the timeline. Allows change of timings.

Underneath the Timeline is the Mixer. Includes 8 different effects

Future sound packs, interior recordings would be interesting.

Demo is available.