Audio Recording Basics

A growing list of basic audio production information:

Audio Recording Basics Crash Course
Room Acoustics
The Best Time of the Year to Buy Gear
Which Audio Interface to Buy?
Quad Microphone Cables

Best Guitar/Instrument Cables
Must Have Studio Microphones
Digital Audio Workstation Software
Electronic Music Libraries to Own
How to Setup an Audio Interface

What is ASIO?
Audio Interface Latency and Buffer Sizes Explained
Speakers and Room Calibration Systems
Label That Cable!
What Cannot Be Taught

Studio Attitude/Vibe
Instrument Acclimatization
Audio Engineering Mistakes to Avoid
How to Use a Mixing Board
Home Studio Necessities
How to Use a Patchbay

Which Sample Rate and Bit Depth?
How to Install Plugins in REAPER
Auto Punch Recording in Cockos REAPER
Avid Pro Tools 12 Setup & Recording Basics

Send These Videos to New Recording Studio Customers
MIDI Setup and Recording Basics –
What’s a Direct Box and Why Do You Need One?

What Recording Input Level is Optimum? –

The Headphone Mix – and

Gainstaging Explained –

Quickly Delete Bad Takes in REAPER –

Five Biggest Recording Quality Impacts

Pro Tools 12 Basics

More coming real soon! In the mean time, check out the Recording 101 playlist.

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