“You Have to Go to College”

It’s a phrase that high school students hear for many years. But how often do the words, “Start a business” get told to young impressionable ears? Not often enough.

Think I’m crazy for suggesting that a college aged person start a business? Marc Zuckerberg was only 19 years old when he launched Facebook. Bill Gates was 20 years old when Microsoft was founded. Apple officially incorporated in 1976 by a 21 year old Steve Jobs. See a common thread?

Forbes runs an annual article about teenage entrepreneurs. This is not a fantasy or some utopia it is a reality. Young people can and do start then grow successful businesses all of the time.

College or trade schools can be an excellent resource but they are not for everybody. And as the federal student loan program continues to pump more and more money into the system the price of a college degree continues to rise. All the while it is tougher and tougher to land a job in today’s marketplace. Many college graduates have found themselves in a position where creating a business is the only viable option. Why not skip the debt ridden step of college and go straight into business…after learning a few things for free, of course!

Public libraries still exist. And the internet is filled with great information. The nice thing about a lot of career paths is that you don’t need a professional license to open up a new business. In the case of audio production services, the barrier to entry is small. As long as one puts in the hard work to learn and do like Gates, Jobs and Zuckerberg did then starting a successful small business is a very real possibility. One that they should teach in school but often times do not.

I’m a college graduate. And while I don’t regret going I felt that my education was lacking in certain areas. If I could do it all over again, the money spent on my education would have been better spent on starting a business. These days, with the average tuition and fees price tag being over $24,000 per year I probably wouldn’t have went to a college unless I had a full ride scholarship.

DontGotoRecordingSchool.com was founded to help people avoid student loan debt and help its readers create their own jobs instead of relying on others to give them one.

Thoughts on the Recording Connection

The views expressed in this article are the author’s opinions and may not reflect the whole of Recording Connection’s business model.

I first heard about The Recording Connection a few years back. For those not familiar with them, they offer an alternative to recording schools and colleges. After doing some research on them, my excitement wore off.

On paper TRC is a great idea. And when it works, it works well I’m sure. But unfortunately in the real world things can be different. And that’s because not every studio or engineer is the same. If TRC pairs you with an excellent studio then you will learn a lot and make good connections assuming you do the hard work. But if you are matched with a not so great studio who is only in it to collect some money from TRC then your experience probably won’t go so well.

Read some accounts from former TRC students on Reddit and Gearslutz. Also, this old thread on Gearslutz was deleted but you can still view it on Archive.org. And here’s one more discussion thread if you care.

I’ve heard that TRC will place you in a different studio if they are made aware of the situation, so there is that. And if that is the case then they are to be commended.

In my opinion though, TRC is yet another unnecessary middle man in the pursuit of the dream career. Although they are much more affordable than most schools, if you made direct contacts with studio owners they would probably let you be a fly on the wall and learn for less money. Maybe even for free. Or, instead of spending $10,000 at TRC you could be better off spending that to start a studio, watch YouTube videos and purchase books/DVDs on the subject of audio engineering.

TRC even says themselves that they do not guarantee that you’ll get a job in the industry. This is very true. So why not create your own job by starting your own studio? The choice is yours.

All of that stated, I do think that The Recording Connection is a better alternative to going to college. Working or just observing how a real world studio functions in-person can teach you a lot of things that colleges cannot. But…you can make your own recording studio connections with a little bit of money, a Google search and a lot of phone calls/emails.

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