Why DGTRS Was Founded

If you have come across this web site at random, you may ask why Don’t Go to Recording School was started. The answer is simple. I could not sit by anymore and allow people to waste time and money while big businesses profited off (mostly) young people’s dreams.

As stated in the web site introduction, I have been railing against recording schools for a few years now. But everything came to a head this past December when a personal story was published in a Los Angeles Times article. Over $200,000 was wasted going to college for audio production/the recording arts.

$200,000 that could have been spent either majoring in a more in-demand career field or by starting a studio/audio production company. When I read that article, I was pissed off.

How dare these schools charge outrageous money for an education in a career field that is tough to land a job in! But perhaps more importantly, how dare the federal government subsidize these schools! I have no problem with tax money going towards business loans but student loans I have a serious issue with.

Why? Because colleges have set themselves up as a road block. A barrier to entry to landing an entry level job at many companies. Things weren’t always this way but colleges have set themselves up to be a necessity in life. Or so they WANT you to think!

It’s not the fault of the colleges…it is the fault of society. College degrees are overvalued for many areas of study. In other words, they aren’t really necessary. Back in the early 90s a degree in Information Technology didn’t exist. If you were good with computers you could apply for a job and prove yourself worthy of getting a pay check. The same is true for many other career fields. When a new one pops up, colleges jump on it. They create new majors which in turn is a new barrier to entry.

DGTRS isn’t just a site about teaching audio engineering and business skills. Oh no. I want the societal mindset of “You have to go to college” to change. I want high school guidance counselors to have alternatives to telling students to go to college. I want businesses to stop denying people who don’t have a degree listed on their resumes, because it is a piss poor way of determining whether someone is a good potential employee or not.

In case you are wondering, yes I do have a college degree. I got one before they became super expensive to get.

Student loan debt has increased to astronomically levels. At the time of this writing the total amount is $1.38 trillion and rising every second. Student debt is second only to mortgage debt in the United States. So, instead of just reporting on these numbers I am DOING something to help reverse this trend.

I am sick of colleges, universities and trade schools not feeling the recession burn. I’m sick of seeing them brag about their fancy new buildings and fancy new equipment that was purchased with federal student loans. Colleges are some of the biggest welfare kings and queens out there. Without the federal government, most would not exist. Or, they would be forced cut back on tuition costs big time.

It is time we make higher education businesses obsolete for a lot of career fields.

Hopefully this site inspires people in other industries to offer their knowledge and help their fellow men and women out. That way, articles like this, this and this one will be left to rot in the past. THAT is why DGTRS was started.

I could keep this information to myself or become a college professor at an audio school. But why become apart of the scam? I couldn’t look at myself in the mirror every day and be happy with what I’m doing. After each new article gets posted on this site a feeling of joy comes over me. Saving people from mountains of debt is a nice legacy to leave behind after I die. Not contributing to the problem is the solution.

Author: Adam

Adam is a professional photographer, videographer and audio engineer. He started Real Home Recording back in 2011 and in 2017 launched Don't Go to Recording School.