sE Electronics DM1 Dynamite Review

Check out my review video on the DM1 in-line microphone pre audio recording accessory:

Script notes:

DM1 Review

In this video I am taking an in-depth look at sE’s new DM1 inline microphone preamplifier. By my request, they sent me one to review. I’ll be testing most of their marketing claims, to the best of my ability.

Clean/transparent gain: (DM1 Voiceover project) Frequency response test with sweeps and pink noise.

The pink noise average was perfect. The frequency sweep was not but it could be due to the slight change in distance when I unplugged/plugged in the XLR cable. Or that I did not exactly match the preamp levels. Either way, I think this claim passes the meter test very well.

Now, let’s test it on some music material…

28 dB of gain, consistently between loads/microphones (Mic Test for Video project)
Using Youlean Loudness Meter Pro and JoeCo Cello interface…
767a – 30.1 True Peak difference

CO4 – 29.1 TP

SM57 – 29.2 TP

D112 – 29.1 TP

ND 767a Pink noise – 29.6 TP and 29.5 LUFS integrated loudness

Certainly passes and hey I’ll take that extra decibel or two over the 28 dB product specs.

Low noise. (set gain to lowest setting. Boost both. Does the noise sound different? With and without a microphone attached. The AKG may be best for this test next to the SM7b)

Direct plugin vs. short cable vs. long cable performance test.

So four tests:
Direct + 30 feet Mogami

Direct + 10 feet generic

Livewire Advantage → DM1 → 10 feet generic

Livewire → DM1 → Mogami 30 feet

Gain bunching advantage. Set precise levels easier. Ideally every segment would be equally divided. Unfortunately, they are not.

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