IK Multimedia T-RackS Tape Machine Collection Review

IK Multimedia have released their take on classic tape machines and high end tape formulas. Did I like what they had to offer? Find out by watching this:

24 – 1980s vintage MCI JH24

Controls: Input knob controls the signal

Input button: Signal passes only through the ins and outs, bypassing the tape.

Repro: Passes signal through the entire recording system.

Transport Modeling: Keep it on for the mojo. Models the mechanical irregularities of the tape reel.

True Stereo: Slight volume, EQ and distortion differences between two channels.

Bias: Higher = Overbias, which gives a warmer/gently saturated sound.

Underbiasing = boosts high frequencies.

Tape Formula: 

250 – 3M/Scotch 250. Warm tone, more saturation than other formulas.

456 – Ampex 456 High Output Mastering tape. The most used tape ever. Warm and round with a touch of saturation.

GP9 – Quantegy GP9 Grand Master Platinum. Punchy and high fidelity.

499 – Ampex 499 Grand Master Gold Studio Mastering Audio Tape. Can handle a lot of level with minimal distortion/compression. Sounds closer to digital recording than the others.

Auto Calibration: Resets to factory calibration

Record Label: Leve of the recorded signal AFTER the input when Repro is on.

Record HF EQ: High shelf, added to recorded signal on tape.

Play Level: When in Repro, adjusts the level of the recorded signal, AFTER the tape. Used to calibrate the machine.

Play HF EQ: High frequency shelf, after the tape.

Play LF EQ: Low frequency shelf, after the tape.

Output level: controls the output level of the module.

On: Bypass

Reset: all controls back to default.

Tape Machine 80 – Studer A80 MK II, 1970s vintage. Perfect blend of transparency and subtle harmonic enhancement.

Tape Machine 440 – Ampex 440B. Late 1960s vintage. “Soulful color”.

Tape Machine 99 – Revox PR99 Mk II

Author: Adam

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