Weiss DS1-MK3 Plug-in Review Softube Mastering Compressor Limiter Deesser

Is this $500 software compressor worth the price? Watch the video review here:

As usual, here are the script notes:

Softube, 1:1 digital code translation.
$10,000 hardware
Weiss can be purchased for $419 at EveryPlugin.com
DS1 sounds great on the mix buss. Sounds natural/transparent.
Works well on tracks as well, particularly vocals. Just automate breaths!
Missing AAX DSP.
You can get the limiter by itself cheaper.

It’s a de-esser, compressor and limiter.

Linear phase crossover filters

Touchscreen Controls

Upward expansion (helps with over-compressed signals)


External Sidechain

Parallel Compression button

A/B comparison

Limiter gain reduction meter

Waveform Display View

3 Limiters: Hardware, Type 1 (highest RMS) and Type 2 (True Peak)

The easier to use MM-1 limiter is included

Knee adjustment

Bob Katz presets

3 page Options menu

Mouseover descriptions

Bob Ludwig mode…parameter settings are always displayed. Unfortunately they are in the shadow.

What makes this processor unique and work well is its releaseĀ measurements/settings. You have four settings that control theĀ release’s behavior. Average, fast, slow and delay.

Ganged mode? When stereo processing you usually keep this on. In

M/S mode it may be preferable to turn Gang off.

The Monitor button is very useful in M/S mode.

Author: Adam

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