sE Electronics V7X Review

Here’s my review video of sE Electronics supercardioid dynamic instrument microphone, the V7 X!

And here are the script notes, as per the usual:

In this video I’m going to review sE Electronic’s V7 X super cardioid dynamic instrument microphone.

By request sE Electronics kindly sent me the V7 X to make this review possible. Let’s get right to the raw samples! First up, harmonica.

I thought it sounded pretty good although the highs would have to be tamed a little. Next up, acoustic guitar.

The acoustic guitar I used has a bright characteristic. I thought it worked well and if you’re looking for a more mellow tone then the V7 X would work well. Finally, let’s listen to it on rap vocals and drums. Bear in mind, the drums I used aren’t very good quality.
Now that you’ve heard it, let’s take a look at the marketing material on sE’s web site. *turn around in chair towards computer

Turn away from computer, look back at camera.

Final thoughts on the V7X? It is a solid instrument microphone. I’d certainly choose it over an SM57 for everything except vocals.

It feels like it could withstand a lot of abuse as well although I did not do a durability test because it had to be returned to sE in good cosmetic and working condition.

Author: Adam

Adam is a professional photographer, videographer and audio engineer. He started Real Home Recording back in 2011 and in 2017 launched Don't Go to Recording School.